Ruling alliance condemns Imran Khan for fomenting hatred against armed forces, its leadership


Component parties of ruling alliance while condemning strongly Imran Khan for fomenting hatred against the armed forces and its leadership and making sensitive professional matters controversial have said on one hand our nation is sunk in flood and on the other hand Imran Khan is fighting with armed forces, national institutions and people.

Imran Khan is leveling grave blames which are aimed at affecting the process of economic revival, making Pakistan Sri Lanka and pitting the people against the armed forces. His aim is paving the way for clash between the rank and file of the armed forces.

We will frustrate this conspiracy with the power of law and constitution, they asserted. We will deal with the conspirators according to law and constitution.

They further said Pakistan will run as per constitution. It can not be allowed to become slave to the arrogance and fascism of one person.

The armed forces along with federal and provincial governments and institutions are rendering meritorious services in helping the flood victims, they added. On the other hand they are fighting war against terrorism valiantly and in this war the officers and jawans of armed forces are embracing shahadat.