Army aghast at defamatory statement about senior leadership by chairman PTI 


Pakistan Army is aghast at the defamatory and uncalled for statement about the senior leadership of Pakistan Army by Chairman PTI during a political rally at Faisalabad.

Regrettably, an attempt has been made to discredit and undermine senior leadership of Pakistan Army at a time when the institution is laying lives for the security and safety of the people of Pakistan every day. Senior politicians trying to stir controversies on appointment of COAS of Pakistan Army, the procedure for which is well defined in the constitution, is most unfortunate and disappointing. Senior leadership of Army has decades long impeccable meritorious service to prove its patriotic and professional credentials beyond any doubt.

Politicizing the senior leadership of Pakistan Army and scandalizing the process of selection of COAS is neither in the interest of the state of Pakistan nor of the institution. Pakistan Army reiterates its commitment to uphold the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

On the other hand defence analyst is of the view Pakistan army believes in merit and known as the best institution when it comes to Merit.

Pakistan army promotes only the best. There is no concept of favouritism in the institution. A Sepoy’s son can be COAS and A General’s son may not be selected even. Pakistan army is true reflective of National Army where there is no space for colour or sectt or tribe . Only 1/2 officers from a course rise to rank of Lieutenant General who undergo toughest of screening and clearances . Army is committed to Constitution of Pakistan and not to individual preferences. COAS is of Pakistan and Pakistan army. Linking it to few people or party is unfortunate. Pakistan Army is national army and of people of Pakistan