Matter of price fixing of sugarcane for the current season


Islamabad:(Rana Tariq)
The Agriculture Policy Institute (API) meeting ended inconclusively without fixing the sugarcane support price. The representative of the Farmers Union demanded to set the support price of sugarcane at 350 to 400 rupees per 40 kg.

The annual meeting of the Agriculture Policy Institute was held at the Ministry of Food Security under the chairmanship of the Additional Secretary.

The meeting was attended by Cane Commissioners of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, representatives of Kisan Etihad, Sugar Mills Association and senior officials of the Department of Agriculture of the four provinces.

The Sugar Mills Association informed the meeting about 2 million tons of sugar stocks in the country.

Sugar mills have stocks of 1.2 million tons and 0.8 million tons of sugar in the market, Sugar Mills Association said.

Sugar mills have written to the government for export of excess stocks of sugar but no response has been given, said Senior Vice Chairman Sugar Mills Association.

If the stocks of sugar remain, we will not be able to start the crushing season from November 15, Iskandar Khan Vice Chairman Sugar Mills Association.

In the presence of excess stocks of sugar, sugar mills are not in a position to pay the price of sugarcane to the farmers, Iskandar Khan Vice Chairman Sugar Mills Association.

The ex-mill price of sugar is Rs 77 per kg including government sales tax, Sugar Mills Association

The government can provide Rs 63 per kg sugar to the public without sales tax on subsidy through utility stores, Iskandar Khan Senior Vice Chairman Sugar Mills Association.

In the presence of sugar stocks, banks will not give working capital to sugar mills under any circumstances, Iskandar Khan.