Denmark also 6th largest donor to the UN’s(CERF)


Islamabad:(Rana Tariq)Denmark is also the 6th largest donor to the UN’s Central Emergency Relief Fund (CERF), which has already provided 3.07 million USD almost two weeks ago [22.8 million DKK] for the relief work in Pakistan. In addition, the Danish Emergency Relief Fund, which is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has allocated almost 0.5 million USD [3.5 mio. kr.] for emergency assistance.

Ambassador-Designate of Denmark to Pakistan Jakob Linulf briefed the media at Danish Embassy.

He said, On behalf of the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, let me start by extending our sincere condolences for the victims of the flash floods (currently more than 1,300). Our thoughts are with their relatives and the many affected and displaced here in Pakistan (approx. 33 million people).

It is a key priority for Denmark to provide flexible and unearmarked funding to our humanitarian strategic partners to allow them to respond quickly in times of urgent need, such as in the case of the ongoing flooding in Pakistan. We have confirmation that several of our Danish NGO partners have already used our flexible funds to provide assistance in relation to the floods.

Denmark has also supported the UN’s [humanitarian] flash appeal for Pakistan with 1.33 million USD [10 mio. Kr.] to the UN Refugee Organisation, UNHCR. This funding is provided in addition to our core annual funding to UNHCR’s work in Pakistan and the region of 6.7 million USD [50 mio. kr.]. UNHCR has already started their aid work and with our support they can expand their efforts. Their focus is particularly on emergency relief – providing tents and blankets – and protection of vulnerable groups, including women and children.

Last week, on the 31st August 2022, Denmark and Pakistan also signed a Green Framework Engagement. And on the 10th of August 2022, our countries signed an agreement for Danish financing of sustainable infrastructure in Pakistan. These engagements will allow us to cooperate even more closely when it comes to green transition, sustainable development and climate change mitigation. They will also assist in relation to rehabilitation and reconstruction.

We have also extended an offer for immediate relief assistance to Pakistan and the Pakistani people who are going through this devastating crisis. We especially share the concern about the drinking water in the affected areas. Diseases such as cholera, scabies, typhois and ringworms often occur in the wake of floods especially due to the lack of accessibility to clean drinking water. Denmark has pursuantly offered a major drinking water facility that can provide up to 120000 litres of clean water a day.

We are happy to welcome the team from the Danish Emergency Management Agency today. They will be operating this facility in Sindh. And they will be joined by another 7 team members in Karachi tomorrow. This team will set up the water purification system that will be operating in Pakistan for weeks.