President of Al-Khidmat Foundation meets UN Secretary General


Abdul Shakoor, President of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKFP|) has met UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and apprised him of the adverse situation in flood hit areas in the country besides briefing him about the relief activities of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan for flood victims.
President AKFP while making comparison of over 30 million flood affected population of Pakistan before UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said this strength is three fold more than the total population of Portugal.

He said AKFP is carrying out rescue and relief activities in all the four provinces of the country and is providing cooked food, clean drinking water, dry ration , tents and medical aid to the flood victims.

He held AKFP is country wide organization and its thousands of volunteers are engaged in relief and rescue activities in flood hit areas. A large number of doctors are also working with AKFP to provide medical aid to the flood affedtees.

He said “ I appreciate UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres timely arrival in Pakistan adding “it is hoped that he will be able to persuade the world more affectively to help Pakistan after reviewing the flood situation in Pakistan.
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Pakistanis are a courageous nation and he knows it since the time he was High Commissioner of UNHCR and used to come to Pakistan on visit.

He promised to launch forceful campaign for help to the flood victims in Pakistan saying he has closely observed the determination, resilience and generosity of Pakistani nation. If Pakistani nation succeeds in resolving its political matters then the chances for its becoming great nation are very bright.