Judiciary was restraint, despite strong reaction of political parties in Dost Mazari Ruling case, Chief Justice


The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Umar Atta Bandial, has said that due to the events that took place in March 2022, political cases came in the courts.
Judiciary do not interfere in policy matters in general, but to protect the basic rights of the people, such cases have to be heard.
“We are aware that the country is facing a serious economic crisis. Judges have donated 3 days and judicial employees have donated two days salary”, the Chief Justice said.
Addressing the full-court reference, CJ said that the case of election of Chief Minister of Punjab was decided on merit, in this case the Federation requested to form a full court which was not according to the law.
The role of the Supreme Court Bar Association in this case was also biased, and the reaction to the judgment of this case came out in the meeting held for the appointment of judges.
These views were expressed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan while addressing the full court reference held on the occasion of the beginning of the new judicial year.
The Chief Justice said that when he assumed charge, there were challenges such as cheap and speedy delivery of justice, pending cases and use of suo motu notice powers.
Happily, the number of pending cases have been reduced from 54134 to 50265.
With 6,458 cases decided between June and September 2022 alone, the decline in the number of pending cases bucked the ten-year upward trend.

Honorable judges of the Supreme Court sacrificed their vacations, the number of cases will be brought up to 45 thousand in the next 6 months, it is believed that the pending cases will decrease by 45% with the alternative system of justice, Bar support required,
Population growth puts a burden on resources, cases related to population growth will be heard quickly, generally do not interfere in policy matters, such places also have to be heard to protect the fundamental rights of people.