Currency reigns in the national politics: Asad Umar


PTI leader Asad Umar has said money reigns in the politics of Pakistan.
“ the national poltics is under the hold of money. Imran Khan does not need support of angels and aliens (Khilai makhlooq) as the objective of all is targeting Imran Khan”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Wednesday.

He alleged government is harassing the people so that no one could work with PTI.

He went on to say a regular campaign is running against Imran Khan. A small powerful group has taken hold of the system. Imran Khan is breaking the illegal occupation of this small group. The rulers are facing threat that common citizen is rising.

Citing to FIA raid on the home of PTI leader Senator Saifullah Niazi a night before he said FIA have taken away his laptop. But in fact the objective of all of them is targeting Imran Khan. Money reigns supreme in the national politics.

He claimed PPP and PML-N first of all made their investors billionaire and later placed focus on themselves.

He pointed out that 150 notices have been sent by FIA. The rulers aim is to harass the PTI members. The fund raising is being called illegal through web sites. Fund raising through website is not illegal but they are seeing their political death therein.

He held Imran Khan has said early election will be in the interest of the country. Imran Khan does not need any alien or angels.

PTI is challenging FIA steps in the high court, he underlined.

He remarked Imran Khan is a man who respects the institutions. He did not attack the courts. He did not incite any rebel in any bench.

He underlined that no one was left with any doubt on July 17 that Establishment was not with PTI. Chairman PTI did not send BMW to any one.