Missing youth Hamza Haseeb recovered, IHC orders probe into disappearance matter


The missing youth Haseeb Hamza has been presented in Islamabad High Court (IHC) and the court while ordering to investigate this disappearance case and file the report thereof within 10 days.

The case came up for hearing before single bench of IHC led by the Chief Justice (CJ) Athar Minallah here Wednesday.


At the inception of hearing of the case the IG police told the court “ we have recovered missing youth Haseeb Hamza. This youth is standing before you.

The CJ IHC inquired from Haseeb Hamza during the hearing of the case “ you had gone where. Who were those people who had taken you away.

The youth told the court he knew nothing about it as he was blindfolded.

The CJ IHC while terming the recovery of Haseeb Hamza good omen remarked law is guarantor of protection of every citizen All the problems can be overcome if all the institutions work as per law and constitution. We can make development only through rule of law. Might is right devastates the society.

The CJ IHC remarked the disappearance of gives birth to serious questions. Investigations should be conducted who kidnapped the citizen. IG Islamabad himself should monitor the investigation. It is expected that the authorities will discharge their constitutional obligations contrary to the past cases.

The court ordered IG Police should hold investigation on disappearance of the youth within 10 days and submit the report before it.

The court inquired from the police what investigation you have made so far. You had not registered FIR timely. This is habeas corpus petition. He has come back. You have to hold responsible some one in the investigation. The police should have taken immediate action on the application of the father of abducted person.

The court inquired who is investigating it. What happened with all the previous cases. The system will not run this way. You are running the state. The court has to trust on you. This court can do nothing except law and constitution.

Advocate General Islamabad told the court we have issued directives to IG Islamabad that whenever some one comes to police then immediate action should be taken Prime Minister (PM) has appeared in missing persons case. Meeting will be held in this regard.

The CJ IHC remarked don’t tell us about meetings. Who lifted him and who will investigate this matter.

Advocate General told the court he should identify who has lifted him then we can reach to them easily.

The CJ IHC remarked this case should not have come to the court. The father of missing youth went to police on August 23 but case was not registered. The FIR was registered after the case came to court. The police should have registered the case and initiated the proceedings as per law.

Father of youth told the court my problem was kidnapping of my son. He has come and I am now satisfied.

The court inquired how can you be satisfied. Police were not taking action on your application. Police have violated the previous orders of the court.

Additional Attorney General told the court the case has been registered. The proceedings will go ahead as per law.

The court ordered IG Police to investigate the matter of disappearance of the youth and file report thereof within 10 days.

The court wrapped up the petition in connection with recovery of Haseeb Hamza later.