Punjab govt announces to give Rs 10 lac to heirs of each person who dies in flood


Punjab government has announced to give Rs 10 lac to heirs of each person who dies in the flood.

Talking to media men Punjab minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said Friday Rs 1 lac to Rs 2 lac are being given for renovation and repair of homes and the compensation is also being given to them whose crops have been damaged.

He went on to say the pictures of flood hit are being taken with the help of satellite.

He held those who were out to black out Imran Khan are now themselves going to become black out.

Country needs stability and new election are must for the sake of stability, he observed.

He underlined people trust on Imran Khan and give donations to him Federal government allege that imran Khan does not think of flood victims. But government creates problems when Imran Khan conducts telethon.

He stated flood affected don’t trust on NAB stricken. The politicians who have blacked out Imran Khan are now going to become minus from politics.

The inflation has made the life of common man miserable and the government has scaled up electricity tariff umpteen time.

He claimed rulers have cleansed their cases from NAB hut the accountability process will start again now.