Imported govt fails to stop downfall of national economy: Imran Khan


Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said imported government has failed to stop downfall of national economy.

He tweeted imported government is running directionless. Imported government achieved its objectives through another NRO.

He said the nation is asking question who is hatching conspiracy against Pakistan.

He indicated during PTI government GDP growth ratio remained 6 percent. The sectors of agriculture, education, and economy witnessed development during our tenure and the opportunities of the employment were enhanced.

He underlined the Pakistan is facing extraordinary inflation today and every one is becoming affected due to inflation.

Dollar is gaining strength against rupee in Pakistan, he indicated. The IMF and world bank reports reveal imported government failed to stop the decline of national economy despite it has inherited robust economy.

Economic growth during PTI government was declared the best performance in the 70 years history of the country in economic survey, he added.