Blasphemy case: Interim bail of WaqarSattia senior journalist extended for five days


Additional District and Sessions Judge Rawalpindi Muhammad Afzal Majoka has extended interim bail for five days in respect of senior journalist Waqar Satti who is nominated in blasphemy case.


The court has adjourned till September 24 hearing of the case till September on the request of the petitioner for arguments by the lawyers of the respondents.

During the hearing of the case, PFUJ President AfzaL Butt, National Press club former president Tariq Chaudhry and Rawalpindi High Court Reporters Association secretary Malik Iqbal and other journalists were present on the occasion.

However plaintiff and his lawyer did not appear in the court.

The counsel for petitioner told the court petition has been filed in high court for dismissal of the case which is fixed for hearing today.

The court inquired about the plaintiff. The court was told he was not present.

The court while addressing the counsel of the petitioner said when you argue on the petition the court will give decision on that day.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till September 24.

Waqar Masood Satti took the plea in his petition he has been nominated in the case under baseless allegations despite the fact he has not committed such act. He is fully innocent and the case registered against him is sheer breach of section 195 of penal code of Pakistan. Not seeking permission from federal or provincial government before registration of case is tantamount to lack of perception about case. The local police have also violated Prevention of Electronic Act -2016. This reflects malafide intent of police and plaintiff. The petitioner is fully innocent. If the religious sentiments of the plaintiff have been hurt then he should attribute these allegations to his leader rather than the petitioner.

The petitioner further said in the petition that he is former president of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of journalists and former finance secretary of National Press Club who can even not imagine to commit such act. This way police want to arrest the petitioner in baseless case. The petitioner has been nominated in the case as political vendetta. While prosecution has no solid evidence against the petitioner.