Shaista Lodhi Calls Out Dananeer For Sharing Dangerous Beauty Hacks


Shaista Lodhi is a versatile and talented Pakistani television host, actress and Dermatologist who runs her own clinic “The Aesthetics Clinic” in Karachi. Shaista Lodhi is attached to showbiz industry since 2001 and has remained part of various dramas and shows till date.

Lately, Shaista Lodhi appeared in a podcast with Dubai based influencer ‘Ken doll’ and ‘Ali Sufian Wasif’. Shaista Lodhi while giving his stance on Dananeer Mobeen’s dangerous beauty hack, mentioned that “I don’t understand that how a person having a mobile becomes a doctor or a influencer herself. It’s very dangerous, please don’t do such things. Don’t apply red chili direct on your lips at all, use a pink or red colored blush for such beauty hacks.”
“If a person becomes a doctor or an expert, it happens through a process like I became a doctor through a process. I’m sure that if the internet of this country goes down for a day, 90% of the influencers will vanish away”, added Shaista Lodhi.