IHC directs chairman CDA to resolve the problems of payment of compensation to the affectees within one month


Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed chairman CDA to resolve the problem of payment of compensation to the CDA affectees within one month.

The petitions pertaining to the non payment of compensation to the affectees came up for hearing before a single bench of IHC led by Chief Justice (CJ) Athar Minallah here Tuesday.

Chairman CDA Capt (Retd) Usman Younis appeared in the court.

The CJ IHC remarked no other violation of human rights can be bigger than this. The compensation is not being given to the people since last 40 years. This is deplorable that thousands of plots were given to those who had no right on them. On the other hand the compensation is not being paid to them from whom the land was acquired. This all is happening in connivance with your department, police and patwarkhana. Tell us the procedure due to which the affectees can receive their compensation.

Chairman CDA Capt (Retd) Usman said “ I have read the decision of this court. I undertook onsite visit and listened to all the questions of the affectees. I know how difficult it is to get address the problem by making rounds of government offices. We will set up field camps in the areas where the problems exist. We will send vans to facilitate the people.

The CJ IHC remarked some one has said a positive thing to this court for the first time that they will reach the affectees themselves. These are poor people. Some among them have been lifted by the NAB. The court hopes their right will be given to the affectees. You should ensure that the agents don’t harass them. Every one is in real estate business in the institutions. When state does this then how the difficulties being faced by these affectees will be mitigated.

This court has written in the decision the affectees will not paid the compensation which was prevalent 40 years before. The compensation will be paid as per market rate. These affectees are priority of this court. If you face any difficulty then this court is here.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case for one month.