PDM constitutional experts advise CM Punjab be asked to seek vote of confidence instead of tabling no trust motion against him


PDM constitutional experts have once again have sit together to deliberate over in-house change in Punjab and they have started consultation process to table no trust motion against the speaker Punjab Assembly (PA) before removing Chief Minister (CM) Punjab.

Completing the number game of 186 is inevitable for this process which seems to be next to impossible. The constitutional experts have given their opinion.

Well informed sources told Online that during the meeting between Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif in London, important consultation was made on the issue of in house change in Punjab. The two leaders have agreed on evolving strategy immediately in consultation with PDM in this regard.

On the other hand PDM has proposed to float vote of no trust against speaker PA before removing CM Punjab. Consultations have been started in this respect that what procedure should be adopted to get rid of Punjab government.

Sources said PDM solicited opinion from legal and constitutional experts in connection with in house change. During their consultation process it was told that some treasury members have decided to join hands with PDM and they will cast their vote in favor of PDM candidate.

The constitutional experts are of the opinion number game of 186 members will have to be completed for vote of no trust. But this strength is not complete numerically.

According to constitutional experts this option is highly fragile. If PML-Q members don’t support PDM then the vote of no confidence will flop. In the light of Supreme Court (SC) decision if the treasury members cast votes in favor of opposition candidate then these votes will not be counted. The strength of members of PA is not complete so far. By polls have to be held in 3 constituencies of PA next month. If PML-N wins these three seats then PDM will have on a strong ground.

The legal and constitutional experts have advised PDM to ask the CM Punjab to seek vote of confidence from assembly instead of tabling vote of no trust against him.

They advised that governor Punjab by exercising his constitutional powers should ask CM Punjab to get vote of confidence from assembly and on the day of seeking vote of confidence by CM Punjab, the disgruntled treasury members of PA should abstain from the assembly. This way the CM Punjab will fail in seeking vote of confidence from PA.

The PDM leadership has decided to go for further consultations in the perspective of this opinion of legal and constitutional experts.

According to constitutional experts if vote of no confidence is floated against the speaker PA then the chances of its success are higher due to secret balloting.

What will be the modus-operandi of in-house change in Punjab in Punjab PDM leadership will decide about it following the arrival of former president Asif Ali Zardari in Lahore.