Atif Aslam reacts as fans compare him to Nouman Ijaz


Singing sensation Atif Aslam, who also stepped up in acting, recently made a mark in showbiz industry through his vibrant acting in drama “Sang-e-mah”.
Atif Aslam came prepared and took the opportunity head on. He got under the skin of Hilmand and mesmerized the audience with the very first scene of his. Most of the actor’s work was with none other than the legendary Nouman Ijaz and the scenes were really intense.
Atif Aslam however, surprised everyone and performed head to head with Nouman Ijaz. He was praised for all his scenes and people were comparing his portrayal of Hilmand to Nouman Ijaz’s portrayal of Haji Marjan as both were equally strong and powerful. Atif Aslam reacted to the comparison in his recent interview with Something Haute. He said that the comparison made him realize that he has really done something great.