Karan Johar reveals how he deals with hate


Indian film producer Karan Johar is one of the few celebrities who constantly faces trolling and hate on social media.
From being blamed for nepotism to hurting someone’s sentiments, Karan finds himself amidst some or the other controversy.
In a recent Indian television show, Karan opened up about how he deals with such hate and criticism.
Karan admitted that he’s developed a thick skin over the years. But it gets to him, when people talk about his children. He said that when his children are pulled into this, it’s sad. Karan confessed that, “When I read stuff that is completely putrid, awful; They come down to even abusing my kids; those are the times when I’m like you can say whatever you want about me, my sexuality or about all the conspiracy theories they have that are really down and dirty. It really doesn’t bother me.”
Karan further confessed that it’s taken a while for him to get used to this. He had to go through therapy for 4-5 years to deal with his anxiety issues. . He revealed that his psychologist told him that he has been brushing everything very deep within and that it will eventually bother him again, later. Which is why, Karan started opening up about things that bother him to his therapist and people around him. He revealed his doctor has told him about ‘hug therapy’. “8-10 hugs a day and you’re good to go,” said Karan.