People know ‘where and how’ audios are being created, says Fawad


Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaaf (PTI) leader Fawad Chaudhry on Friday claimed that people know “where and how such audio clips are being created” as he reacted to the latest leak allegedly featuring party chairman Imran Khan.
Earlier on Friday, an audio clip surfaced on social media where Imran can be heard allegedly talking about ‘horse-trading’ a political practice involving ‘buying’ MNAs before crucial votes in the assembly.
However, Fawad claimed the latest audio clip was tampered with in an attempt to “justify the NRO”.
“The decision will now be made at the Haqeeqi Azadi March”.
PTI’s Social Media Operations Head Salman Raza also mocked the present government for “still living in the 90s”.
He added that “in an age where videos can even be produced with deep fake technology”, the clips were an attempt by “these people” to fool the public by “connecting audio clips”.
Taking the government to task, Raza said that “with all this hard work after editing various audio clips the imported government is trying to give the impression that there is no difference between us and Imran Khan”.
He said that all the government was really saying with the recent audio leak was that “if we set up a market in Sindh House during the regime change and bought disloyal members ( Salman Raza) in Punjab then Imran also did the same thing”.
The party’s official Twitter account also took a similar stance on the matter saying that the government was in “disarray”.
The tweet added that the “fake audio leaks” and arrests of PTI members were connected, but “the people have decided” and “the schemers’ drama has flopped”.
The development is the latest addition to ongoing back-to-back audio leaks adding to the country’s political crisis.