IHC imposes fine on CAA for not filing reply in connection with petition filed by retired employees


Islamabad High Court (IHC) has imposed fine of Rs 25000 on Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for not filing reply on a petition filed by its retired employees against not increasing their pension by the authority.

Justice Babar Sattar of IHC took up for hearing petition filed by petitioner Liaqat Ali Malik and other petitioners. Monday.

Asif Tamboli advocate appeared on behalf of petitioners. He took the plea any delay or refusal in increasing the pension is violation of the article 25 constitution. Equal treatment has not been meted out to retired employees of civil aviation authority in increasing the pension. Pension was increased in respect of the employees who were retired before June 30, 2014 while the remaining were deprived of enhancement in pension. The application was filed with the department for redressal of grievance but no action was taken on it. Discriminatory treatment can not be meted out to the retired employees of the department.
The petitioners have requested the court through the petition to order to increase the pension under civil aviation authority pension regulation 2014.