Pakistan was saved from sinking into an economic quagmire


FPCCI’s Presidential candidate Atif Ikram Sheikh on Wednesday said Pakistan was temporarily saved from sinking into the economic quagmire but serious economic issues are present which should be resolved without further delay.

He said that erroneous economic priorities and wrong decisions can push the country to bankruptcy sooner than expected therefore merit should be given priority.

Atif Ikram Sheikh who has also served as Chairman PVMA, VP FPCCI and President ICCI said that a solution to the current economic crisis is possible with political will.

The lack of unity also hinders the resolution of the crisis, he said, adding that those who matter give priority to personal and political interests over the national interest and instead of expanding the economy they try to boost their vote bank.

Most important economic decisions are made on political grounds and without consulting the independent economist or the business community.

Atif Ikram Sheikh warned that the loss of resources cannot last long because the economy is not strong and it cannot withstand more extravagance, bad decisions and poor governance.