White Cane Safety Day observed


White Cane Safety Day was observed all over the world including Pakistan Saturday..
The day is marked every year to highlight the achievements and importance of visually impaired people in the world.
A walk on the eve of White Cane Safety Day was organized by the Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE) of Ministry of Human Rights in Islamabad to support visually impaired people.
Visually impaired children, men, women and people from different walks of life participated in the walk.
Haider Baloch Director General of Ministry of Human Rights Abdul Sattar said the white canes play an important role in facilitating visually impaired people.
Abdul Sattar called for protecting rights of white cane holders.
He stressed civil society extend help to visually impaired and bring smoothness in their mobility. He reiterated the resolve to implement laws conceived to facilitate special children.