Maryam Nawaz Hamza Shahbaz, party leadership responsible for PML-N worst defeat in by polls: Nawaz Sharif 

PML-N supremo  Nawaz Sharif has expressed annoyance over the worst defeat of party in by polls and sought immediate report from  senior leadership in this regard forthwith.
Sources said Nawaz Sharif has expressed resentment over party leadership  and warned sternly PML-N ministers and  office bearers.
Nawaz Sharif while shifting the responsibility of defeat of PML-N in by polls on Maryam Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz and party leadership said if Moosa Gillani could win the election with big margin then PML-N could also win the election.
PML-N leaders and candidates said Imran Khan held over 50 public meetings but PML-N leadership did not take part in election campaign. Maryam Nawaz left for London instead of launching election campaign. Hamza Shahbaz even did not come out of his home.