Government has enough time to return to political front: Ishaq Dar


Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said government has enough time to return to political front.

“10 months are enough for government to restore its political prestige and win popularity. We were to select one among the two either to save our politics or to save the state. We selected to go for saving state. We knew it well this decision would leave negative impact on our politics. But we opted to save the state , he said this while commenting on results of by polls during press conference here.

The parties which are part of the incumbent government were aware of the results of no trust motion. Inspire of it they did so. Because if these parties had not done so then its results would have been disastrous for Pakistan.

He held allowing the previous government to continue would have been worse than the floods.

To a question that US president Biden statement about Pakistan nuclear program reinforced Imran Khan election campaign he said Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif has already said that a robust command and control system is in place in the country.; US authorities also acknowledge it often.

But when any politician like Imran Khan who has remained Prime Minister talks this way that nuclear program was good during his tenure and not good now then the world will give reaction like this. You should condemn it. He is doing cheap politics.

I have held 58 meetings with the heads of international financial institutions and US, Saudi Arabia and other countries authorities during my 4 days stay in Washington.

He pointed out that World Bank (WB) and UK hosted round table conference in connection with floods. UNDP, ADB and WB authorities presented joint report therein.

According to the report presented therein Pakistan has suffered over all loss to the tune of 32.40 billion dollars due to floods. More than 16 billion dollars are needed by Pakistan for rehabilitation work.

He pointed out that forceful appeal was made to international community in the conference for helping Pakistan.

He underlined Pakistan will complete the existing IMF program till June 2023 and will discharge all its obligations. We are committed for reforms. About five to 10 percent work is pending which will be completed soon.

He underlined the donors have no objection over targeted subsidies. They are opposed to general subsidies.

He said that IMF in its objection was perhaps referring to electricity subsidy we had provided. During UN General Assembly session Pakistan talked to IMF chief on this matter and asked him to decide on it. He promised to do so. But no reply has been received so far. We are doing nothing without their consultations.

To a question he said he has not come to Washington for reduction in prices. We take such decisions in our own country.