Function PAC is not bed of roses: Noor Alam


Chairman Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said on Wednesday that Function the committee is not a bed of roses as many powerful consider themselves above the accountability.
He said “being the Chariman PAC, I am facing pressure and not accepting any kind of favor.
He said that the biggest problem is cases of billions of rupees are pending hearing in the courts and in coming days new scandal will also surface.
These comments were given by him during the conversation with Parliamentary reporters Association’s member of executive committee.
He said that they made the important forum as real accountability institution and our jurisdiction is clear. And we respect the jurisdiction same as in other institutions.
Noor Alam also told that after joining the politics his assets decreased and many are there, whose assets increased after joining the politics.
He said that we are trying to place cases of public interest before the government institutions and bureaucracy and for which they tookup the case of high prices vehicles, and also took notice of misuse of green channel at Torkham border.
We took notice of many illegal societies in federal capital to save people money.
According to rule and regulation, he said, we can summon any body and ask about the records and we never misused our jurisdiction and we want other parliamentary institutes to respect the jurisdiction.
He said PAC opened those cases which have been closed and our office is open for media persons always and it is good that reporters are fulfilling the responsibility for the coverage of PAC.