Urwa, Farhan unite for ‘Tich Button’ trailer launch


As Farhan Saeed stepped on the red carpet, fans awaiting his arrival jumped up to greet him with cheers, followed by flashes of cameras.
On Tuesday evening, Farhan was joined by Urwa Hocane, Sohail Ahmed and Iman Aly for the trailer launch of their film Tich Button. Cast member Feroze Khan and Sonya Hussyn were missing in action.
Nevertheless, the Tich Button trailer premiere turned out to be glitzy affair with enough pretty faces and their fans under one roof.
The trailer of the film carries off with a joke on Maula Jutt, a clever technique that holds the attention of the viewer due to its relevance in current times. Followed by loud Punjabi music and a fast-paced introduction of Farhan Saeed who is seen performing thletic moves, dancing, wearing festive clothes and giving off a deliberate goofy vibe.
Comedy pulls through the majority of the teaser such as the “matric pass” gag. Once the jokes are delivered, Sonya Hussyn appears to trance the audience with her gorgeous attire and item song. Later, Iman Aly joins the screen with her usual fierce character, which smoothly transitions the trailer from funny to serious, keeping the captivating notion alive.
Feroze Khan’s inclusion in the trailer rather takes the story back to witty, but the “Aloo Ka Paratha” (Stuffed Potato) accent makes the humour tie to a borderline cringey dimension. Still, the story keeps up the speedy gait with its continuous shift between humorous scenes, dramatic twists and love songs..
The trailer reveals a tale of betrayal and friendship between two men who supposedly fall in love with women from different cultures. With an interesting development, the trailer swaps Sonya and Farhan with Farhan and Iman singing along on a romantic cruise. What does this imply for the movie? Only time can truly tell. In all sense, the trailer promises a combination of laughter, suspense, and heartbreak.
The panel discussion focused on all the actors present on board, each adding a unique element to the stage with their company. Farhan, after being labeled as the “King of Romance” by the moderator responded that he felt no “added pressure to the expectations and just hoped that the people love the film.”
Additionally, after being questioned about his role as an actor and co-producer of the movie, he called himself a “selfish actor”, who only “wakes up on time, and sleeps on time to do his assigned work.” The main work was handled solely by his partner, Urwa who is also the lead producer of the film.
To this answer, Iman playfully responded that only “Farhan woke up on time,” voicing out her on-set antics as a joke to the audience.
The panel discussion mirrored the trailer through its comedic flare, with Iman’s entertaining jocks at the moderator by refusing to respond to questions because “she’s been told to lie about the plot, and can only say what she’s permitted.” Clearly, Iman took the spotlight from the discussion with her quirky and transparent answers, reflecting on her journey from Khuda Ke Liye to the selective choices she has made in her career.
Iman revealed that she took this role as it was a light-hearted tale that allowed her to take a break from her hectic life. She said, “I always wanted to do a commercial film, but never got the chance. However, when I got diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS), I took a break from work. Life got serious after that, so I chose to do a fun role instead.”
The Bol actor also highlighted her struggles during the filming of the movie, “As a performer, this movie was challenging due to its fast-paced songs which required a more swift move. It was interesting; something new to do and learn.”
Moving on to Urwa, the stunning starlet received major applause for her debut as a producer in the film. The entire panel admired her dedication to her work and tireless efforts to make everyone happy. “How did you manage to not choose a leading role?” To this, the Udaari actor pointed out that “as a producer, I do have the role of a leading lady.”
Urwa also showed immense gratitude to her colleagues who helped her with the role of a producer, “They also put me in deep waters to see if I could swim back up, and I did. I swam up, and I think that is what everyone wanted me to do. I have learned a lot from this role.”
The conversation then shifted to the Punjab Nahi Jaunga actor Sohail Ahmed. With his humble nature, he put the discussion in a new direction.
Firstly, after being asked about his entertaining personality and the usage of improvisation in roles, he quickly dismissed the analogy, “I don’t believe in going off the books in movies. Like Punjab Nahi Jaunga, I followed the script, which made it funny. A strong story makes the film funny, not the dialogue. If the purpose is just to create laughter, then you can just tickle the audience.”
He also concluded that the entire movie is an effort of teamwork, “Everyone has an actor within them, they just need to learn how to put them on screen.”
The title “Titch Button” also literally means a button which is attached by two parts. Similar to the compatibility of the materials, the actors intend to display a connection that is meant for the screens. The only question left is, will it be able to Titch the buttons of the audience?