Who will like to sit with the person who always calls us robber, dacoit: Nawaz Sharif


PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif while refuting the reports of   any secret talks with   Imran Khan or any of his representative has made it clear that he does not believe in back door contacts.

 who will like to sit with the person who always calls us dacoit and robber. This fitna Khan himself has  ruined the country. Now finance minister Ghulam Ishaq Khan is working for revival of the national economy,  he said this while talking to  several PML-N leaders including senator Pervez Rashid who called on  him as per sources.


Sources revealed Nawaz Sharif said this claim by Imran Khan is false and against the fact that any back door talks are being held between him  and Imran Khan. No secret talks are being held with him.


As far as general election is concerned it will  be held next year, he declared.


Nawaz said he remains  in contact with the allied parties and they continue to talk on the economic and political situation of the country.  We took over the government in difficult situation. Our objective was only to save the state and the country. We propped up sinking economy. I have just said to Ishaq Dar and the government  to  take steps for giving relief to the people because the people are in difficult situation due to inflation.


Sources disclosed Nawaz Sharif made it clear Imran Khan has  devastated this country and he wants to foment chaos and disorder through long marc h. He cannot be allowed to do so. The law and order situation will be ensured in the country.