Badshah Begum’s karmic finale: Fans divided over show’s conclusion


The drama serial Badshah Begum has earned a tremendous following online due to its distinctive politically dynastical storytelling. The unique narrative explores politics, the conception of women in leadership roles and Jahan Aara’s (Zara Noor Abbas) past.
Although the show has received mixed reviews for not being as grand as the story demanded, the Khizer Idrees directorial has still managed to wow audiences with stellar performances by the cast. The startling display of violence and brutal realities has kept the audience on the edge of their seats as they await the final fight for the throne.
From Badshah Begum ordering a pregnant woman’s leg to be broken to the mass murder in the finale, the series has become quite a harrowing spectacle.
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On Tuesday, the story finally reached a well-deserved climax, putting an end to the dispute of ascension, leaving Shahzaib (Farhan Saeed) as the sole leader of the Gaddi (throne). With his siblings dead and Roshan Ara (Komal Meer) becoming mentally incompetent to rule, Shahzaib is the remaining survivor whose heir (daughter) calls the shots hereforth.
Watching a befitting conclusion to the much-talked about show has startled Twitter, primarily due to the surprising death of all their favourite characters. Many fans loved the ending, pointing out the poetic conclusion of the show. One user labelled the show as the ‘grim reality.’ She highlights how there is “never a happy ending, and lovely at the top.” However, she further laments if Shahzaib truly planned this result, or “was this his aim all along?”
Another user comments on the unpredictable plot of the show, which makes it more intriguing and “unique”.

While appreciating the finale, a user describes the series as “A heartbreaking and vicious world of feudalism torn apart in this insane gutting show.” Additionally, she taunts people who only associate Pakistani dramas with in-laws’ conflicts and urges them to watch this masterpiece.
In contrast, some viewers put forth points that the series lacked, such as good quality production and narrative. For example, one tweet suggested that the drama could be “written better”, while another noted that the “production” was quite lacking.
Badshah Begum starred Abbas, Saeed, Ali Rehman Khan and Yasir Hussain in pivotal roles. Penned by Saji Gul, the dynastic politics drama took Twitter by a storm since the first episode, where social media users were raging about the convincing ruthlessness of the characters and the depth in their personalities, with a spotlight on Saeed’s acting versatility shining through the episode with his Pir avatar.