Case under terrorism clause registered against local leadership of PTI Islamabad


Case has been registered against local leadership of PTI Islamabad under terrorism act for staging protest against the disqualification of Imran Khan.

The case has been registered in police station i-9 at the behest of government. Amir Kayani, Qayyum Abbasi, Faisal Javed and Raja Rashid Hafeez have been named in the case. Umar Tanvir Butt, Rashid Naseem Abbasi and Raja Majid have also been nominated in the case.

As per context of FIR, PTI workers pelted stones on police, FC and administration injuring several police men and FC personnel injured. The demonstrators tried to mount vehicles on police men with the intent of killing them. They torched the trees in Faizabad and surrounding areas besides making attempts to cause damage to government properties.