Salma Zafar Reveals She Was A Victim Of Black Magic

Pakistani entertainment industry had had many veterans who worked for years, entertained millions and then just went out of the public eye all of a sudden. One such artist is Salma Zafar whom we saw working and winning hearts in theatre and she later became apart of television where she did dramas. She was a prominent part of Ye Zindagi Hai and later raised her voice for non-payment of dues against the producers quite openly. She is among the very few artists who were vocal about the problem existing in the industry.
However, something that a lot of people do not know about Salma Zafar is that she has also been a businesswoman and had a business in food industry. Salma had a full fledged restaurant where she had 52 items on the menu from desi food to fast food. She ran her own restaurant for 4 years and used manage the main cash counter herself.
But Salma had to go through a very difficult time. She was a victim of black magic. Salam was a guest on Nadir Ali’s podcast where she revealed that many people would not believe and she didn’t either until she went through it herself. Salma said that her customers would take perfectly fine food and will come back saying that there were hair in the chicken. She also said that sometimes customers will complain that they did not see her restaurant.
She finally went to Lahore to a spiritual healer who found out that her competitors had done black magic on her which caused all those problems and eventually she closed her restaurant.