Industry should be given top priority over domestic gas


In most of developed
countries,a single energy
source is provided at the domestic and commercial levels
to make best use for
industrial and agricultural sectors whereas in Pakistan
both resources power
and gas is supplied at household level badly hampering
economic growth
especially during peak winter season.
Speaking at a seminar on “Use of Energy for
Economic Growth “held
under the aegis of Gold Ring Economic Forum” here
Thursday Coordinator to
Federal Tax Ombudsman Meher Kashif Younis said
Pakistan is the most gas-
intense country in the world.He said over the years,the
gas has been used
quite injudiciously of which 50 percent is consumed by
household consumers
thus depriving the industry of its major share.He said
although 78 percent of
domestic households have no access to natural gas in
Pakistan.He said the
domestic sector gas consumption has grown 11 percent
over the years— maximum
growth among all the sectors.
He said Pakistan has less than One percent share in
world gas
consumption which are met through imported and
indigenous resources.He said
gas is the third largest energy source consumed around
the world.He said
natural gas and LNG contribute more than 40 percent to
the country’s current
energy mix including gas used in power generation.
Meher Kashif Younis said disruption of energy supplies
from the world’s
largest supplier Russia is resulting in a hike in energy
prices throughout the
world.He said this a significant setback for an oil
importing country like
Pakistan,thereby shrinking the country’s purchasing
power even more.He
cautioned that Pakistan is facing a severe gas shortage
and urgently needs to
carefully assess its strategic position in the global and
regional context and
more informal but timely decisions that are essential for
its survival.