Ayesha Omar Stuns Fans, Followers With Latest Video


Lollywood star Ayesha Omar has stunned her fans and follows with her latest video.
Taking to Instagram, she wrote, ‘Ayeeeeeeeshaas are every woman. Oh yessss we are.
@ayeshasarfraz.designstudio @ayeshaccessories
When @hinadilpazirr wants to direct
????#ayeshaomar #bulbulay#pink #ayeshaomer’, captioned the Bulblay star.
The actress is undeniably a force to be reckoned with due to her impeccable acting skills, beauty and amazing wardrobe choices.
The Yalghaar actor also likes reading and has taken out time during her hectic shootings for a quick read.
Ayesha was spotted in a behind the scene video of her shooting spell where she and veteran actress Hina Dilpazir leaves fans amused with their antics.
Recently, she was recently seen in Habs and Bisaat. She has been working on a Pakistani-Turkish collaboration these days for a historical drama series titled Selahaddin Eyyubi but her role is yet to be confirmed in this new project.