IHC restrains election commission from holding by polls at Mianwali National Assembly seat


Islamabad High Court (IHC) has rejected plea of Imran Khan for immediate suspension of his disqualification orders.

However the court restrained the Election Commission from holding by polls at Mianwali National Assembly (NA) seat.

The petition against disqualification of Imran Khan on Mianwali NA seat in Tosha Khana reference came up for hearing before a single bench of IHC led by Justice Amir Farooq Monday.

Barrister Ali Zafar appeared on behalf of Imran Khan in the court

Justice Amir questioned have you submitted application too for filing additional documents.

Barrister Ali Zafar told the court “I have submitted application for filing notification issued by Election Commission. Imram Khan was deseated by declaring him disqualified as Member of national assembly.

The court inquired had this reference come from speaker NA.

Ali Zafar told the court yes this reference was sent by Speaker NA. Upon it the decision was announced about Imran Khan disqualification . Election commission has to give its findings on reference. The reply to the questions of election commission has to be given in 90 days. It is binding on every member of assembly to file his declaration of assets on June 30.If any member does not file his/her details of assets within 120 days or the member of assembly provides wrong information then the said member is declared to have committed corrupt practices. A member who gives false statement or files wrong information is liable to the punishment of 3 years jail term and fine as spelt out in the law. There is no punishment of disqualification in this regard.

The counsel for Imran Khan prayed the decision of disqualification of his client be suspended.

Justice Amir Farooq remarked we are not suspending election commission decision We stop election commission from holding by polls.

The court restrained election commission from holding by polls on Mianwali seat besides issuing notice to election commission on the petition filed by Imran Khan against his disqualification.