I am not fake, but you all have a fake personality: Mathira responds to plastic surgery rumours


Mathira has often been in the spotlight for her carefree lifestyle and unfiltered statements. Recently, the model appeared on the FWhy Podcast and shared her view on body positivity and talked about the criticism she received over her recent physical transformation.
She also addressed rumours concerning plastic surgeries and openly discussed her face fillers and nose job. During the talk, the Naagin actor disclosed having suffered a traumatic accident and the healing processes which caused most of her weight gain.
On being asked about her recent transformation, Mathira admitted to getting a nose job and lip fillers. She said, “The only thing I’ve gotten done is a nose job and I’ve gotten lip fillers too.
She further went on to respond to the plastic surgery rumours regarding her body, recalling a dreadful accident. “Unfortunately, I had an accident – a terrible one in 2019 – my lung got punctured severely and I had a few fractures too. The accident happened in Dubai and another car collided with mine. There was a makeup artist with me too and she came out unaffected, but I was injured instead,” she noted.
“I spent two weeks in a hospital in Dubai and then I came to Pakistan because I could not travel by air due to the pressure and was using an oxygen mask. It was around June, and I was on a lot of medication, steroids, and sleep issues. So I was drinking a lot to make myself sleep too,” Mathira continued.
The Tevar actor then disclosed that the accident was the primary reason behind her weight gain, not plastic surgery. She said, “That was an awful part of my life and that is when I put on a lot of weight. And, I also got liposuction done later.”
Mathira then ended the conversation by sending a message to her followers. Looking straight at the camera, she called all her critics “fake.” She stated, “I don’t have fake breasts, and I don’t have a fake ass, but yes, you all have a fake personality.” She also reassured the host that if she got a cosmetic procedure done in the future, she will openly talk about it. “Even if I would get it, I would say it,” she concluded.