Senators hold march from parliament to supreme court to protest against custodial torture to Senator Azam Swati


The senators held March from parliament to Supreme Court (SC) to protest over violence against the senator Azam Swati.

The protesting senators chanted slogans pressing their demands for registration of the case and administration of justice to Azam Swati.

Addressing the participants of march, PTI Senator Shahzad Wasim said all the members of upper house are standing outside the SC. The state stands on three pillars. State functions under constitution. If the institutions don’t run under the constitution then the state cannot run. Today the face of this state does not seem to be face of loving mother.

He went on to say Azam Swati is senior member of this parliament. Sanctity of veil and four walls was violated at his home. He was subjected to custodial torture. He was given mental torture too.

We are standing outside the SC with our case. We hope justice will be done and will be seen to be done.

Imran Khan is also hopeful that judiciary will play its role in this matter, he added. Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar set a precedent. I ask the other senators to play their role.

He underlined Parliament is and will remain supreme. Playing committee, committee will not address the matter.

He said government is going to commit farcical joke with the law.

He announced to stage token dharna outside Supreme Court along with other PTI Senators.