Kenyan police involved in target killing of Arshid Sharif: FIA DG


FIA Director General (DG) Mohsin Hassan Butt while declaring the Kenyan police as involved in the target killing of senior journalist Arshid Sharif has said Kenyan police is not presenting for investigation the shooter who fired upon slain journalist.

DG FIA said Kenyan police is not giving access to that shooter whose hand was injured two weeks before. Not giving access to this officer is strange. His statement is very important. Kenyan police refused to present one among 4 officers before Pakistani investigators.

He held the officer who was not presented was among those who opened fire on Arshid Sharif.

He went on to say Pakistani team had investigated three shooters of Kenyan police and there was not only dire contradiction in the statements of three shooters but their statements were also illogical. We are sure Kenyan police is involved in the target killing of Arshid Sharif.

He indicated the next step is recording of target killing case of Arshid Sharif with FIA in Pakistan under section 4 of extradition act. This will be recorded at the very time when federal government issues its orders.

DG FIA also said under international laws it is binding on Kenyan police to extend cooperation in the investigation into such heinous murder. The investigations of joint investigation team are not final. The team will soon visit UAE.

The Kenyan police spokesperson said police investigations are underway. Therefore he cannot give any statement on this matter.

According to commissioner Independent Policing Authority there are doubts on the causes of stopping Arshid Sharif vehicle at police barricade.