Matter will not finish by withdrawing from US conspiracy narrative: Marriyum Aurangzeb


Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb while reacting to PTI chairman Imran Khan interview to foreign media has said the matter will not come to end by withdrawing from US conspiracy narrative.

She said in a string of tweets “ you will have to render account. Only withdrawal is not enough without giving reply regarding the narrative on the basis of which you fomented lies and chaos in the country.
This is not a question from Imran Khan but it is a question mark for those who believe in Imran Khan stance. It is question mark for those who listen to foreign funded fitna involved in playing with national interest.
Has the matter come to end by dubbing the parliament, institutions and armed forces traitors. No, no Imran Khan this will not end this way. You got constitution violated by constitutional slots. You have withdrawn from your US conspiracy narrative by devastating the country.

She said Imran Khan considers his supporters mad and sheep and goats. Today he has withdrawn from his false narrative of imported government and regime change. Today the real face of so called Haqiqi Azadi has been exposed fully.

She claimed Imran Khan put foreign relations of the country at stake for the sake of power. He played a heinous game with national interest in lust for power. He put at stake the nation and the country.

She held now he says matter is over after teaching the nation lies. He kept on appealing supreme court and now he says matter concerning US conspiracy is over.