Senior PML-N ministers meet PM , make consultation on appointment of army chief


The consultation process on the appointment of army chief continued in Prime Minister (PM) House and different ministers expressed their opinion in this regard during meeting with PM Shahbaz Sharif.

Sources said PM is in quarantine due to COVID-19 and despite it he is discharging his duties by keeping social distancing.

Sources said senior minister made consultation with PM with reference to important military appointment. They gave input of the contacts made by them with the allied parties.

Sources said announcement for appointment of army chief will be made within next two or three days. Finance minister Ishaq Dar has already taken president Arif Alvi into confidence on the proposed name of new army chief. Senior civil and military authorities had held meetings in Aiwan-e-Sadr and PM house and these meetings were aimed at settling all the matters with reference to appointment of army chief with consensus.

Sources said being the coalition government, consultation at broad base is underway on this important matter. Delay was also caused due to this consultation. But the civil and military authorities will take decision on the matter of appointment of army chief with consensus. In this regard PTI chairman Imran Khan is spreading rumors among allied parties of government. There is no substance in such rumors of Imran Khan.