Piles upon piles complaints of unhygienic food, substandard residence from police deployed on long march duty start pouring in


PTI long march is proving perpetual sources of embarrassment for Rawalpindi as the police personnel deployed on long march duty have made piles upon piles complaints of sub standard residence and unhygienic meal.

Police personnel are of the opinion that the windows of dilapidated building which have been provided to them to reside during long march duty are broken despite the bitter winter season. Due to it several police men have fallen ill due to cold weather. The complaints of cough and cold and severe fever are common among them. Police personnel deployed in Rawat showed their medicines lying in their jeep saying they are falling ill due to the residence and meal being provided to them. But senior officers are forcing them to discharge duty.

In this respect some pictures and videos have also come to open wherein the police personnel can be seen lying on ground and taking unhygienic meal.