Netizens Criticize Ali Zafar For Wearing Nail Polish


The Zafar brothers are on a roll for their fashion choices and they are trying new things and developing new trends. Danyal Zafar recently dyed his hair burgundy and shared his new look on social media. He got a lot of criticism and trolling on that and fans were not very impressed with his recent choice. This is what he did with his hair:

His elder bother and rock star Ali Zafar had supported him and shared that the normally prevalent standards of masculinity should be challenged. He has now gone for an edgy look himself. Ali Zafar painted his nail black for a performance he did. He shared his rockstar look on his social media with a very cool jacket and some black nails. Ali Zafar kept his hair normal while his skin also was super bronzed.

Netizens are however not impressed with Ali’s fashion choices either and started criticizing him with funny as well as serious comments. Many were not happy with what he did and even quoted Ahadith. Ali took it in stride and even replied to some people commenting on his photos.