PTI divided over matter of tabling no trust motion against Senate chairman


PTI has divided over the matter of bringing no confidence motion against Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani amid the reports that majority of the senators have opposed the vote of no trust against chairman Senate.

Party sources said there is no consensus among the PTI senators on no trust movement against Sadiq Sanjrani. PTI senators are expressing solidarity with Azam Swati but they are not in favor of resignation and no confidence motion.

Non appearing by senator Azam Swati before the most important committee of Senate in his case is matter of grave concern for the senators.

Party sources further said Azam Swati could not present video evidence before the committee. Therefore PTI senators are withdrawing from the demand of resignation. Non appearance of Azam Swati before the most important committee of Senate is question mark for the senators. PTI senators are giving opinion to move ahead without tendering resignations or giving threat of launching movement in Azam Swati case.

Lack of majority of PTI senators in Senate is becoming hurdle in tabling no confidence motion.

The PTI leaders said why should we displease Senate chairman when we cannot tender resignations or take the movement ahead.