PTI played politics on a sensitive appointment: Sherry Rehman


ISLAMABAD, Nov 25 (Online): Federal Minister Sherry Rehman has said in National Assembly (NA) PTI played politics on a sensitive appointment and now container is coming to Islamabad.

The damage has been caused to Sindh due to floods and rains more than all others, she added. Sindh suffered 80 percent loss due to floods.

What are doing PTI walas instead of doing work for the welfare of the people, she questioned. Now container is coming to Islamabad. You want to create divide on this occasion. You have left worse economic situation for us. People are worried Imran Khan is doing what.

She held PTI played politics on one sensitive appointment and now the container is coming to Islamabad, she said this in NA Friday.

I have talked to Ghous Bakhsh Mehr in Shikarpur and the difficulties being faced by him wherever with reference to assistance will be resolved.

There is no political divide. If it has happened so then I apologize. Federal and provincial governments can not do so. We are answerable to you. We will try to extend assistance.

MNA Kishwar Zohra said Khawaja Asif delivers very good and long speech in national assembly and then leaves the assembly immediately. Peace prevails after some decisions. However it is not known if this peace is permanent or otherwise. What is this happening with my province Sindh and city. PIA flights are running. But they will take off only from Lahore and Islamabad.