Federal govt should not suspend talks with defunct TTP: PTI


Special Assistant to Chief Minister (CM) KP Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif has said federal government should not suspend talks with defunct Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) because the security forces operation against the militants is not permanent solution to the problems.


He said this while addressing the launching ceremony of chartered of peace documents in Sheikh Zaid Islamic centre Wednesday.
He held we should go ahead with broad view point and with open mind. Government should continue talks with proscribed TTP to maintain law and order situation. If the militants go for terror activities later then forceful response be given.

Muhammad Ali Saif while urging the government said it is in your hand that you want to eliminate terrorism through stern steps or through talks.

The talks are a better way for establishment of abiding peace in the country, he remarked.

He underlined the terrorists were eliminated through military operations in the past but unluckily they the ground situation in Afghanistan benefitted them.

He underscored the war and peace are interlinked to each other but the question of identity is of significant importance in this regard. The crisis of identity pushes the man to certain conflicts.