NEPRA slashes Power tariff by 2.14Pkr per unit for Karachi


National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has reduced the power tariff by 2.14Pkr per unit in term of fuel adjustment charges for Karachi’s consumers in electricity bill of the October month.
NEPRA issued notification on Wednesday.
NEPRA told that Karachi consumers will get relief of 3.59 billion in this decision.
Decision will not be applicable to the life-line consumers of K-electric.
Authority told that K-Electric produced electricity from own resources at the price of 32.96Pkr per unit. Electricity was bought from CPPA at the price of 12.01Kpr per unit.
NEPRA Chairman raised the question why electricity was produced by diesel in the month of October, was advance notice given to the authority to produce electricity from diesel.
K-Electric authority answered that rules were followed regarding the electricity production.