Cipher Audio Leak: Lahore High Court stopped execution of Imran Khan’s summon notice


The Lahore High Court stopped the execution of FIA’s notice of Imran Khan’s summons in Cipher Audio leak.

Lahore High Court Justice Asjad Javed Gharal heard Imran Khan’s plea against summons in the cipher audio leak scandal, in which Imran Khan’s lawyer argued that the FIA notice did not say whether he was summoned as an accused or a witness.

On this, Justice Asjad Javed inquired whether it was inquired as to how the audio was leaked. On this, the lawyer said that it is not known how the audio was leaked.

The court said that there should be an inquiry into this incident, whether everyone was included in the inquiry in the audio leak, everyone was included or only Imran Khan is being enquired.

Imran Khan’s lawyer took the stand that FIA is being used for politically motivated cases. This notice should be suspended.

The court inquired whether the FIA can issue a notice, Imran Khan’s lawyer said that the FIA cannot issue a notice, while the federal government’s lawyer said that the FIA should be summoned.

Later, the court stayed the execution of the FIA’s notice of Imran Khan’s summons on the Cipher Audio leak issue while adjourning the hearing till December 19 while issuing a notice to the FIA.