We will enhance Pakistan defence capability to counter terrorism: US


Spokesperson for the US State Department Ned Price has said the terrorists can use Afghan soil for attacks on Pakistan.
Ned Price said in press briefing that proscribed TTP and other terrorists are regrouping. It is feared that Afghanistan becomes the haven for the international terrorists.

Ned Price held they are determined to work with Pakistan to counter the threat of terrorism in the region.
Commenting on recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Ned Price said United States’ broader goal is to see that terrorists and others aren’t able to use Afghanistan as a launch pad for attacks on Pakistan.
Rejecting claims of US conspiracy against Imran Khan’s government, Ned Price said they favoured Pakistan’s constitutional system and not any one candidate or any one personality over another.
The spokesperson said their only interest is in the interest of the Pakistani people and Pakistan’s constitutional system.
Ned Price said Pakistan is an important partner in war on terror and US values that bilateral relationship.
“We welcome opportunities to expand cooperation in areas that are of mutual interest to us and to Pakistan. That, of course, does include when it comes to counterterrorism”, he added.

He underlined cooperation with Pakistan is continuing in defence sector. We will enhance Pakistan defence capability to counter terrorism.