Shaan Shahid shares his views on high rate of divorces in showbiz


Nowadays, especially in showbiz, marriages are disintegrating like a house of cards. Even if there is nothing wrong with leaving a toxic relationship and considering one’s well-being, the continual news of marriages disintegrating, some after many years of dating, has caused many individuals to lose faith in romantic love. People have realized that the institution of marriage is in flux in our culture as a result of the breakup of couples like Sajal Aly-Ahad Raza Mir, Madiha Rizvi-Hassan Noman, Sana and Fakhar, Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan.
Amina Shaan and Shaan Shahid have been together for a long time. The couple enjoys a wonderful life together and has been blessed with four daughters. When Shaan is working, his wife always stands by him, and we can tell that his family is on his side.
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Shaan was questioned regarding his thoughts on the many separations and divorces that are occurring these days. How does he feel about people losing trust in the institution of marriage? He has undoubtedly led a successful married life.
According to Shaan, it’s crucial for a couple to have compatibility, understanding, and trust. Life should include forgiveness. He continued by saying that the reason there have been so many breakups is that sometimes individuals fall in love with the idea of love without thinking about the effects their choice will have on their lives.