Acquittal plea filed by interior minister Rana Sana Ullah in drugs case


Interior minister Rana Sana Ullah has filed acquittal plea in drugs smuggling case.




The minister appeared before a special narcotics court in Lahore wherein he filed his acquittal plea through his counsel.

Rana Sana Ullah in his acquittal plea requested the court case was registered against him on political basis, therefore he should be acquitted.

Farhad Shah advocate counsel for Rana Sana Ullah took the plea during the hearing of the case Assistant Director Imtiaz Ahmad who had recovered drugs is refuting it and inspector Ahsan Azeem has already refuted it.


On the stance of counsel for Rana Sana Ullah, the state counsel requested the court to make it binding on him to go for debate today.

Counsel for Rana Sana Ullah took the plea let us file the petition.

Rana Sana Ullah while talking to media said PTI is blackmailing government since 7 months so that political instability remains in the country. Political instability gives rise to economic instability. He has come out to cause harm to the country.

To a question about quashment of cases he said PTI is not in power therefore, all are wrong. If they hold power then every thing is right. They are saying we are getting our cases quashed. Cases were registered against us as political victimization. Why should we not get quash cases against us.

The cases are going to be quashed in all over the world against our leadership. Daily Mail published fabricated news at the behest of Shahzad Akbar. Now they have regretted over false news.

Citing to Imran Khan announcement about dissolution of assemblies he said PTI has not taken decision so far to dissolve assemblies. Imran Khan has set up a stage show. He talks of dissolving assemblies on diverse dates.

“Niazi, abandon this drama. Dissolve assemblies.Imran Khan dissolve assemblies. We go to election, He added.

He went on to say “ presence of Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan is must for election campaign. If assembly is dissolved then he will not be part of election campaign. It is requested to Nawaz Sharif to be here during election and distribute tickets. Nawaz Sharif has accepted party request.

Lambasting Imran Khan he said Tyran White is his daughter and there are more than one proofs in this regard. He has never denied it. Audio about Tosha Khana leaked. He says it is his personal matter. What is personal matter. He levels corruption charges against others. As to why he does not speak on the corruption of Farah Gogi. Farah Goggi infllicted loss of Rs 50 billion on national kitty.

He remarked people are annoyed due to inflation. We will go to them. We will place before the people the facts about inflation and other problems.

About the cases against PTI leadership he said cases against Shahbaz Gill are not political cases. Whatever he said no one had said it correct. Azam Swati gave statements against two institutions. They are granted bail in their homes. Had we adopted the attitude like them then such case would not have been framed that they are acquitted after four days.

About general election he said that the election will take place in 2023. We will contest the election with full preparations. This time election will not be like 2018 for us.

About talks with PTI he said Imran Khan has never extended invitation for talks to me nor are the talks taking place. PDM is ready to go for unconditional talks with Imran Khan. President Arif Alvi is trying to get hold talks.