I covered Kaifi’s song to heal myself and my broken heart: Aima Baig on ‘Pyaar Hua Tha’


LAHORE: Kaifi Khalil’s Kahani Suno’s heartbreaking but soulful music has touched many hearts, including the celebrated singer Aima Baig. So much so, that the Do Bol crooner has released her own rendition of the melody, along with an official video. However, many fans seemed unimpressed with her take on the track.

Taking to Instagram, the Baazi singer announced the release of her official video. In the clips shared online, Baig can be seen clad in a shimmery dress, while staring intensely into the camera. “Pyaar Hua Tha. It’s out!” Baig captioned the post, requesting her fans to check out the full video on YouTube.
In an interview with Independent Urdu, Baig expressed she could really relate to the song while she was recording it. “I asked Kaifi for permission to work on the song and he happily agreed,” the singer shared. “He said he wanted to listen to what his track would sound like in my voice. He was excited about it.” She went on to add, “I was in love right there and then the moment I heard the song. I fell in love with his voice, I fell in love with the lyrics and I could relate so much to the song at that time. I could feel the song since I was going through a similar heartbreak at that time.”

Talking about the heartbreak, Baig added, “Everyone knew my heart was broken; it’s on the mend now! I think Kahani Suno really helped me heal.” She commented, “There’s a famous saying that when an artist is heartbroken, there’s a certain glow about them. But I was in writer’s block. I couldn’t think of anything at all. But when I heard the song, I said to myself that Kaifi is articulately portraying what I want to say.”

Adding how she lets her art do the talking instead of locking horns on social media with trolls, Baig added, “My issue, well, I don’t know if it’s an issue or a quality, but I would never go and engage in a heated exchange with my followers on social media. I don’t respond to every comment. I think an artist’s best way to express himself is through his art and since Kaifi has perfectly summed up my emotions in Kahani Suno, it just made sense to sing it. Maybe he was going through a similar situation.”
Further elaborating, Baig said she didn’t really care about the response to the song. “I covered this song to help myself and my broken heart. But I am glad people are really liking the song. Since there wasn’t a female version of Kahani Suno, I think that factor also helped. I heard it was trending less than 24 hours after it was first released. But I never thought about whether it would trend or not. I just sang the song and I didn’t really care about this. This was about my own healing,” she remarked.

Talking about the video, Baig revealed the shooting was an impromptu decision by director Adnan Qazi. “I was at Adnan’s house and we were listening to my cover of the song,” Baig recalled. “He told me he has this dress that he wants me to wear so we can shoot the video right there – in his house! We were done with the video in the next four to five hours. The location was his house and yeah, we just did it then!”

The crooner also revealed that she had often been the first choice as a performer if she sang an item number. But Baig shared she had always turned the offer down. “I always used to say that for now, I’d just like to focus on the singing part. But I would never wonder why didn’t I perform my own song. I was often offered to shake a leg with the actors in the same video. But I would just be happily singing the song. However, I would like to comment that I was very keen on playback singing. Although, now, I would just like to work on my original tracks.”

Baig further divulged cyberbullying and social media woes. Drawing a conclusion from her personal experiences, the Qalabaz Dil singer advised keeping her personal life private. “Everyone should stay away from social media!” she quipped. “As much as it plays an imperative part in your success, it is just as toxic. It’s toxic to an extent that it becomes the sole reason why people die of suicide, people leave their professions and fall into depression – just as I was. I was broken a while ago and then Allah summoned me. I took my father for Umrah, and I just had to see Ka’abah.”

Concluding her chat, Baig relayed that there’s a reason behind everything. “What I have learned is that keep your personal life to yourself; there’s just no other way around it. Since people aren’t sharing their everyday affairs with you, why should you do it anyway?”