Shabbir Jan Reveals Why He Will Never Work with Sadia Imam


LAHORE: Shabbir Jan a brilliant Pakistani actor who has been working in the industry for many years. He has gotten multiple national awards. The critically acclaimed actor is also famous for his anger issues and strict behaviour. He admitted that he’s short tempered.

Recently, Shabbir Jan revealed the name of the actor with whom he would never work and he also revealed that he didn’t work with her. Talking about a person he won’t work with, he said, “I would not work with Sadia Imam ever in my life because of some issues, actually, there was a time when I felt that things are messing up between us and now it will damage my home, she was getting too much into our family, we were very good friends and we went to northern areas for the shooting of our dramas when she came inside the room and hugged me infront of my wife, it was not a decent gesture from her when my wife already had an idea that we are not this much closer, she didn’t hug my wife and just hugged me, these are the kind of things which always create problems and wives don’t understand things”.

He clarified that he had a close friendship with Sadia Imam and there was no affair between them but he took the decision of not working with her as a gesture of respect for his wife. He said he hasn’t worked with Sadia Imam till date after his decision. Have a look at the detailed video:
What do you think on his statement about the brilliant Sadia Imam?