IG was abducted, common man will stand where: PML-N


ISLAMABAD, Oct 22 (Online): PML-N has noted that IG has been abducted and this way constitution has been abrogated but Prime Minister (PM) is keeping mum over Karachi matters while all the institutions including ISI are functioning under his control.

“ all the institutions including ISI are under PM but PM is keeping mum over Karachi matter. The matters are highly grave. Constitution has been abrogated. All the matter leads to PM House. Silence by courts over this incident is matter of grave concern. Those who besieged IG Sindh house were Rangers personnel. IG was taken to ISI office. IG was kidnapped in the country. A common man will stand where”, this was said by PML-N leaders Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Ahsan while addressing a joint press conference here Thursday.

Abbasi said Capt (Retd) issue is running since the last four days and new complications have come to fore. In fact government is trampling “chadar and chardevari”. We had filed application on October 21 seeking registration of FIR but it has not been registered so far.
He pointed out IG Sindh was taken to ISI office. Who besieged his home were Rangers officers. Both are federal institutions. ISI is under the PM.

He observed federation attacked province but IG Sindh is helpless to register FIR on this matter. IG was kidnapped. The common man will stand where in this situation.

He remarked PM is keeping mum over all this matter. Therefore, Bilawal has demanded of army chief for investigations. DG ISI, IG Sindh and DG Rangers are officers of federation. Army chief can investigate about Rangers and ISI officers. Army act is very clear in this regard. The investigations have to be completed within 10 days. The investigation into incident of breaking the door is must. Federal institutions kidnapped IG of the province and registered FIR. . PM may have directed these two institutions as they are under his control. Imran Khan is responsible for all this matter. The sanctity of chadar and chardevari was trampled under his order. Should these institutions have complied this order. The PM will have to be accountable for all these matters.

He underlined PM not only broke his oath but also asked the officers to do so.

We were expecting that our courts will take suo motu notice of this matter. However courts did not take any notice of the kidnapping of IG and abrogation of constitution. Silence by the courts over this matter is a source of grave concern. No one is secure here. Senate too did not take up this matter. Senate should constitute committee and investigate the matter.

He observed that the most dangerous aspect is two federal institutions were used under a plan. Maryam Nawaz name is also included in FIR.

Army chief was contacted because institutions of army were involved therein, he said adding government has not made any contact because all this was done at the behest of PM.

He underscored that they will continue to voice protest on this matter. The real culprits should be brought to dock. Pressure is on the government rather than PML-N. We are not deterred by arrests. Sacrifice of only governor Sindh will not work. We hope our FIR will also be registered.

Ahsan Iqbal said Imran Khan talks of not giving NRO. He has given super NRO to Kulbhushan. Law is already in place on establishment of military courts then why a separate law is there for Kulbhushan.

He alleged Imran has bargained over Kashmir issue. He has crippled national economy.