UAE bans visit visa for two more cities of Pakistan


KARACHI: Expert of Pakistan overseas employement promoters Adnan Paracha has said that United Arab Emirates has imposed ban on two more cities of Pakistan for their visit visa.According to details Adnan Paracha, in his video message, has urged Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto to take up the issue of imposing ban of visit visa on two more Pakistan’s cities with UAE government.

He said this not only effects business community but families are also not able to visit.He said initially UAE government imposed visit visa ban on 12 cities later this number rised to 22 and now totally 24 cities are facing ban on visit visa.Adnan Paracha said now Pakistani from 24 cities could not travel to UAE on visit visa due to which business could not travel on visit visa.

UAE has imposed ban on Abbottabad, Dera Ghazi Khan, Quetta, Khoshaab, Muzaffirgarh, Sargodha, Attock, Dera Ismael Khan, Qasur, Khuram Agency, Nawab Shah, Shekhupur, Bajour Agency, Hangu, Kohat, Larkana, Parachinar, Skardu, chakwal, Hunza, Kotli, Mohmend Agency, Sahiwal, and Sukkur.
Adnan Paracha told that the basic reason behind this ban is because of uncertified agents who are sent people to visit UAE on fake statements.

He said agents’ mafia has sent people to UAE on visit visa and impersonated them on the name of job.
After not founding job, many people found involved in begging and other activities.